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Finale: Mr. Trump’s newest apprentice…Kelly, part two

(Read part one here.)

Another problem that Jennifer M., encountered was an electrical problem with the Xbox games located in the players lounge. They contracted with Xbox to have games set-up for the players. The ten Xbox games were connected to 10 plasma televisions for the players to enjoy.

As players were entertaining themselves with the games, the power suddenly went off. Jennifer M. scrambled patiently and flawlessly to find a back-up generator. Eventually this problem was resolved as well.

Even with all the glitches and mistakes, both events went off without any major problems.

Prior to the final boardroom Mr. Trump had the six previously fired candidates give their opinions on the leadership abilities of Jennifer M. and Kelly. Stacy R. thought that Jennifer M. was tough and that she deserved to win. John said that Kelly did a good job. And Raj, who freely admitted that he was no fan of Kelly’s, felt Kelly lacked charisma, calling him, “a robot.”

Arriving into the boardroom, Jennifer M., took the helm first. Mr. Trump stated to Jennifer M. that what bothered him most was that after she showed him to his seat, he never saw her again. She stated that she had so many fires to put out behind the scenes. But then he addressed that after the event, no one from Jennifer’s group showed up to see him. This was a critical moment for Jennifer M. as she tried diligently to explain what happened. Instead of apologizing for the unacceptable mishap, she tried to tap-dance around it.

Kelly, on the other hand, was reprimanded for the unclean seats and VIP box that Mr. Trump had to sit in. Kelly knew it was a mistake, apologized and took responsibility for the situation.

Getting their opportunity to say their final words, Jennifer M., said that she rose to the top of every organization she’s ever been a part of. Kelly felt that his experience and consistency in the tasks and in the real world was a valuable asset for a leader. Even though Jennifer M. had more to say than Kelly, Mr. Trump cut her off several times.

Finally ready to make his decision, Mr. Trump looked at Jennifer M., and said…”Jennifer, you’re fired.” The crowd went crazy as Kelly became the next Apprentice.

Deciding on which job to take between Trump International Hotel and Tower in Las Vegas ($500 million dollar structure) or Trump Place (a $4 billion dollar project in Manhattan), Kelly chose Trump Place.

Congratulations Kelly. Best of luck to you Kelly as you enter a new and fantastic opportunity in your life.

The next Apprentice starts in January and should be one for the records. Mr. Trump has selected 18 new candidates and the twist is that he’s pairing those with the “Book Smarts” (those with college degrees) against those possessing the “Street Smarts” (no degrees, but strong work experience and knowledge). This should make for an interesting season.

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