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Finale: Mr. Trump’s newest apprentice…Kelly, part one

In a three-hour finale, Mr. Trump declared Kelly Perdew the newest Apprentice. Surprisingly, the decision was a lot closer than many had expected. Although it seemed that over half of the audience routed for Kelly to win while a small percentage of those felt that Jennifer M. should be the next Apprentice, Mr. Trump was torn in his decision.

The decision was so difficult for him that he went as far as getting feedback from prominent business associates in the audience as well as former Apprentice candidates. But it all came down to likeability and losing tasks. With Kelly’s military background, Law degree, his MBA and his great record in the tasks, it was enough to give him the edge over Jennifer M’s, Magnum cum laude credentials and her Princeton and Harvard law degrees. Although Mr. Trump had reservations concerning Kelly’s leadership capabilities, it wasn’t enough to give Jennifer M. the edge.

Here’s a quick analysis of last nights finale.

The two were given their final tasks. Kelly was instructed to run the Genworth/Trump Polo Cup to help raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. And Jennifer M. ran the Genworth Charity Basketball Classic to support the NBA’s Read to Achieve program.

Assigned to work with Kelly was previously fired candidates, Elizabeth, Raj and John and Jennifer M. selected to work with previously fired candidates, Stacey R., Pamela and Chris.

Encountering many, many glitches in their programs, Kelly delegated many of the responsibilities to Raj, Elizabeth and John while he worked on his laptop to organize, arrange and oversee the project. Jennifer M., on the other hand, micro managed a lot by also delegating many key elements of the project – elements that she, herself should have been lead-person on.

One of Kelly’s main concerns was a soggy playing field. The day before the event, it rained like cats and dogs in Connecticut. This concerned Kelly because he didn’t have a contingency plan in the event that the polo match was cancelled due to the rain. Fortunately, the rain subsided and the match went on as planned. Another major concern that Kelly encountered was the fact that one of their key sponsors “Wisk” contracted to have advertisement on the field. To Kelly’s surprise, the large painted logos that were supposed to be placed on the in zones came across as barriers to the horses and would disrupt the game.

Kelly addressed the situation head on and was able to accommodate both his sponsor and the club. He chose to paint the logos off the playing field, but in front of the bleachers.

Jennifer M. also faced her share of concerns. The first was the problem with the host. It was contractually agreed upon that Chris Webber (an NBA player for the Sacramento Kings) was scheduled to be the Master of Ceremonies. It turned out that his agent contacted Jennifer M., to inform her that he wasn’t going to make it to the game and had to cancel. Trying her best to resolve the issue, Jennifer M., was able to get David Stern (The NBA Commissioner) to be the Master of Ceremonies. (Continued…)

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