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Ear Candy: Canadian twins get Back in Your Head

The thing about the short and succinct song is that it leaves you wanting more.

Always one to be a fan of a longer track, but there is something to be said for a catchy ditty that comes in under three minutes. Tegan and Sara have accomplished that and more with their single “Back in Your Head.” It’s moniker proves prophetic as it does just that, over and over. That is why it is this week’s SheKnows’ Ear Candy.

The Canadian twins have been making music since they found a guitar at 15 and put out their own first single in 1999. The lyrics to “Back in Your Head” cry to a lover’s plea of begging of understanding.

“I’m not unfaithful, but I stray.”

That is the track’s most telling line then follows and gets to the heart of what a fantastic song should, its message.

“Back in Your Head” is as close to an ’80s-sounding song as has been released in some time. With its repetitive piano and staccato beat, the duo recall early The Cure, OMD and in some ways, a mellow Bow Wow Wow. With the single beginning to permeate the airwaves, not only in North America, but worldwide, hopefully this succulent sonic boom from the Great White North is only the beginning for these wonder twins whose superpowers of musical mastery create Ear Candy.



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