Britney, will the train wreck ever stop?

Unfortunately, Britney Spears’ string of mishaps continues.


Brit’s little hit and run she participated in back in August that was filmed by the press, has now resulted in charges filed today in Los Angeles court. The singer was filmed and photographed in a Studio City parking lot hitting another person’s car. Without leaving a note, Spears took off into the Los Angeles sunshine. When the drive returned and later saw the footage of Spears, charges were pursued. Vehicular hit and run charges are actually quite serious and the singer, who is trying ever so hard, to launch a comeback, is looking at up to six months in jail for the traffic misdemeanor. Spears’ arraignment is set for October 10, although she is not required to be present and unless she wants another scene for the world to fawn over, here’s betting she takes the court up on the option to find out her fate from afar. Each count in the altercation carries a penalty of at least $1,000. The money keeps going out, Britney, not coming in — get to work!


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