Alicia Silverstone latest to pose naked for PETA

Clueless main star to go nude for the animal kingdom.

Alicia Silverstone is the latest celebrity to appear sans clothes to promote the ideals of animal welfare. The advertisement for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals features the actress facing the camera lying on her side covering her bits with only her arm. Joining a cast of dozens of actresses, (note: no actors? Aren
t they animal conscious?), Silverstone has been a vocal advocate for the vegetarian lifestyle since she first burst on the scene in Aerosmith videos and set the screen afire in Crush. Offering a face, ah, body, to the vegetarian world, is to make it appear that it
s a healthy way of life. Whether taking cotton-based clothing off your body to prove your love of animals has changed minds can never be quantified, but the campaign that began to protest fur has certainly evolved to involve nakedness for awareness of all animal causes.


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