Clay Aiken-Idol musical hits off-off-Broadway

There’s hysteria… and then there is getting a Broadway spectacular about the fan reaction to your entire career and existence.

Clay Aiken holds a special spot in the popular culture circus of craziness because a musical based on the frenzy surrounding his Aiken-ness has now spawned live theater. The theater capital of the world has now caught the American Idol season two runner-up’s fever.”Idol: The Musical” devotes itself to the phenomenon that is the Fox television hit American Idol that is currently crossing the nation staffing season seven. The 45th Street Theatre is hosting the production through mid-September 2007 that pays an enormous homage to the subject of Claymates’ hysteria. In what may be a wink, or realistically is a full-frontal assault on Aiken’s fans, the show spends most of its stage time lampooning the crooner. Included in the humorous mayhem is a scene where the cast — dressed in their best gospel-choiring-singing robes — gathers around a 10-foot painted statue of the singer musically extolling his awesomeness.


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