Simpsons movie gives 7-11 a Kwik-E-Mart makeover

Potential backlash is not keeping store revisions from occurring, and 7-11 is going to be promoting the movie in a whole new way.

apu.jpgAnyone who has ever watched The Simpsons knows that the convenience store run by Apu Nahasapeemapetilion is really modeled after America’s food mart, 7-11. Now the retail giant is partnering with the people at Fox to change some of their most frequented stores’ name to Kwik-E-Mart until after the film debuts July 27. The company’s website has already made the switch and dozens of stores across the country will be repainted with Simpson’s yellow and popular characters “hanging out” outside the store’s walls. The company was keenly aware of the potential backlash from its owners charging that the Apu character is a stereotype not represented in their stores. But in this case, the retail giant knows when to make a buck. Tell me people won’t flock to the newly designed stores to feel a part of the most famous cartoon family in history.


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