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Fergie lights up Concert for Diana with Ear Candy

Ear candy, what is it? You know, the song that gets in your head relentlessly holding your attention for what seems an eternity.

Historically, ABBA made it an art form. Today, it takes many forms and on every Monday here at SheKnows, there will be a new musical candy to unwrap. Dissecting the new music raining on listeners and seeking to find the sonically spectacular for our readers will be a tough job. But, someone has to listen to music all day.

This week’s harmonious sensation is timely and personal. Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry” lit up the Concert for Diana with the song Sunday amid a London audience shaken by recent terrorist-related events. The recording from “The Dutchess” has been rampant on the airwaves, but the element that makes this so amorous for the ear is Fergie’s powerful lyrics with her production team’s savvy arrangement and layered resonance.

The over 60,000 in attendance’s stiff-upper-British lip seemed to appreciate her sentiment. Although, there were plenty of tears to go around throughout the six-hour concert. The newly christened Wembley Stadium crowd was enveloped with the Black Eyed Peas’ singer as she captured emotion in a song that, if ever connected the scene to the People’s Princess, it was “Big Girls.”

From Elton John, Duran Duran and Rod Stewart, Diana’s faves were on their game. Although there is something incredibly sugary-sweet about Fergie’s entire “The Dutchess” CD, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” vibrates through the body as no other.

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