Tyra Banks: Do as I say, not as I do!

Does it seem like Tyra Banks is shrinking? Your eyes are not deceiving you. In the wake of those unflattering pap shots showing a weighty Banks full of flab and cellulite (followed by a rebuttal on the cover of People), the former supermodel has lost a rumored 30 pounds!

tyra_banks-people.jpgGood for her, right? Yeah, well, it would be fantastic if she hadn’t done it after she dedicated an entire show to fighting the stigma of weight gain, and urged the press and public to stock mocking women in the spotlight for fluctuating by a few pounds and daring to look “normal.” Now normal isn’t enough for her. At least she’s doing it in a healthful manner. Marcellas Reynolds, a frequent guest on The Tyra Banks Show, said, “The craft-service table [backstage catering] is now entirely absent of junk food and carbs. All you see are lean turkey sandwiches and loads of fresh-cut veggies and fruit.”


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