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Nic Cage shows box-office mojo once again

Nicolas Cage has had an interesting career.

Friends like Sean Penn have publicly wished he would stop being such a movie star and return to his Oscar-winning acting chops. Well, sorry Mr. Penn, but yet again, Cage has flexed his box office star muscle, with his Ghost Rider taking the top spot at this weekend’s movieplexes. Ghost Rider did phenominally well for a February release, bringing in a studio estimated $51.5 million in four days. That figure made it the highest grossing movie released President’s Day weekend in history. The movie, based on the graphic novel, has been Cage’s “baby” since he was first approached to play the part. The actor told crowds gathered at last summer’s Comic-Con in San Diego this the role in the super-hero film was a dream come true. The rest of the field raked in the money as well as Hollywood found itself with a gangbuster weekend. The second place film, Bridge to Terabithia took in $29 million while third place’s Norbit added another $20.7 million and Hugh Grant-Drew Barrymore’s heart-puller Music and Lyrics came in fourth with $16 million. The top four movies grossing $117.5 million in a non-summer season weekend surely has executives at the studios celebrating their President’s day by counting all their presidentially-adorned cash.

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