Karma hits back at Brandon Davis

Lohan verbal attacker is having money problems.

brandon_davis.jpgLooks like the universe has a sense of humor. In the most ironic turn of recent Hollywood events, Brandon Davis — who told the world about how destitute Lindsay “Firecrotch” Lohan is for having a net worth of a mere $7 million — is bouncing checks! The grandson of oil magnate Marvin Davis recently issued a $10,000 rubber check to Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis. The foul-mouthed, sweaty party boy also owes a nice chunk of change to music producer Scott Storch and Palms casino owner George Maloof. Davis claimed that the return of funds happened when he was changing banks and that he has since paid Francis in cash, but Francis denies this. Is the Davis money well running dry? Rumor has it Davis’ mom is selling their $15 million California home, and his aunt is suing the family for a greater inheritance. $7 million ain’t too shabby now, is it?


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