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Do NOT question Clay Aiken’s sexuality

The season finale of American Idol is tonight, and along with the thrill of seeing Taylor in another jewel-toned velvet blazer (rock on with your bad self, Taylor) FOX has some surprise guests up their sleeve!

No one is being confirmed as of yet (that would ruin the surprise, after all) but Clay Aiken has long been rumored to be on the list. Aiken, of course, has recently become enmeshed in a bit of a scandal — a gay porn scandal. An “actor” in that particular film genre has made claims that Clay attempted to pick up on him on a gay dating website and supplied webcam pictures a shirtless Aiken took of himself. FOX has heard these rumors — as have most of America and the entire journalism community — and FOX is taking no chances tonight. According to an Idol insider, the network issued a directive today stating the following:

Entertainment journalists covering the AI finale are being instructed that any attempt to question or solicit comment from Clay Aiken regarding his recent scandal will result in their being barred from the finale.”

The insider also stated that the directive used the language “if” Clay appears… so it seems that his guest spot is still uncertain — his name has yet to show up on any rehearsal info or call sheets.

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