Johnny Depp most generous for giving autographs, Cameron Diaz not so much

Sep 28, 2007 at 9:30 p.m. ET

Ever wonder which celebrity will be gracious enough to sign autographs and which will just brush you off?

Well wonder no more, because Autograph Magazine has compiled a list of best and worst autograph givers in their annual survey.

Topping the list for the best celebs to approach for a signature was Johnny Depp (he topped the list for the second year in a row).

"Many stars become bad signers once fame and fortune hits, but not Depp," said Steve Cyrkin who publishes the magazine. "He's even signed autographs for crowds at the airport while carrying luggage." Now that's generous.

Coming in second is George Clooney (two handsome men top the list, how awesome is that). says Cyrkin "he'll joke as he signs, and make fun of how he looks in photos he's handed to autograph."

And who is a stinker when it comes to autographs? Topping the list is Cameron Diaz. "Cameron Diaz may be a talented actress, but she's persistently a terrible signer. Instead of just turning down a person's autograph request, she'll lecture them about how dumb autographs are."

Initially Russell Crowe would have come in first as worst for autographs, but in recent months he's been much friendlier to fans and landed in 10th place. Signing autographs for fans probably helps to counteract the bad press from throwing phones at them.

The list of best and worst below was compiled by a professional autograph collector and an amateur collector.


1. Johnny Depp

2. George Clooney

3. Matt Damon

4. Al Pacino

5. Tom Cruise

6. Angelina Jolie

7. Elijah Wood

8. Brittany Murphy

9. Jack Nicholson

10. Clint Eastwood


1. Cameron Diaz

2. Bruce Willis

3. Demi Moore

4. Tobey Maguire

5. Alan Alda

6. Halle Berry

7. Winona Ryder

8. Teri Hatcher

9. Joaquin Phoenix

10. Russell Crowe