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Jeff Bezos Will Likely Have Lauren Sánchez Sign an Ironclad Prenuptial Agreement After Billion-Dollar Divorce From MacKenzie Scott

Jeff Bezos has already put a reported $2.5 million, 20-carat ring on Lauren Sánchez’s finger, and as the wedding planner gets to work, so do the Amazon founder’s lawyers. The 59-year-old entrepreneur is likely preparing for his second marriage a little differently than his first marriage to MacKenzie Scott. 

When Bezos married Scott in 1993, he wasn’t a billionaire, so the couple probably didn’t see the need for a prenuptial agreement. By the time they divorced in 2019, his fortune stood at $137 billion. Scott, who helped her then-husband build the Amazon business, was awarded a $38 billion settlement in Amazon shares. This time around, Bezos and Sánchez will likely have a prenup signed long before they walk down the aisle. 

Attorney Brett Ward explained to Page Six why the legal document will be so important for the couple. “Jeff is in a very different place now than he was then,” the attorney points out,” he said. “He was on his way up and may have never been able to predict the level of wealth but now that is established.” Sánchez could earn $1 million for “every year married” and possibly a “multimillion-dollar residence” per the agreement. “Certainly, she should seek to be provided with a residence she can keep in the event of a divorce so as to minimize potential disruption to her [kid’s] life,” Ward noted about her 16-year-old son Evan Whitesell from her first marriage to Patrick Whitesell. (Son Nikko Gonzalez from a prior relationship is 22 years old.)

Even if the marriage between Bezos and Sanchez falls apart, the financial impact to his wealth with be minimal with a prenuptial agreement in place. “Fortunately, this is a case where Jeff could provide Lauren with sufficient money to make her and her [children] comfortable for the rest of their lives in the event of a divorce without impacting his lifestyle in any fashion,” he said. Ah, the life of a billionaire seems like a piece of cake.

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