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Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Cost the UK This Astronomical Sum

The final tally is in for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral last September, and the cost is just as astronomical as you would expect. The U.K.’s Treasury Department announced the figure on Thursday, May 18, only 12 days after the government spent a reported $125 million on King Charles III’s coronation. 

The official total for Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral is approximately $204 million (£161.7 million). That didn’t seem to ruffle many feathers in the government, but it might bother some of the U.K. citizens who are going through a cost-of-living crisis. “The government’s priorities were that these events ran smoothly and with the appropriate level of dignity, while at all times ensuring the safety and security of the public,” John Glen, the chief secretary of the Treasury, said in a written statement to Parliament, via Reuters.

As always, security is the top line item that winds up accounting for most of the budget when it comes to royal events. Over $91.7 million (£73.7 million) was spent on making sure global leaders, including President Joe Biden, were protected while they offered their condolences. The country observed a 12-day mourning period which allowed the public to see Queen Elizabeth’s casket laid in state at London’s Westminster Hall, which saw celebrities, like David Beckham, wait hours in line to pay their respects.

King Charles III’s coronation, which occurred eight months after the passing of his mother, was supposed to be a downsized affair. The final tally isn’t expected for some time, but the estimated $125 million might creep higher in the end. The financial burden is just one of the reasons the palace is hearing more protests from the anti-monarchists, who don’t appreciate using tax dollars to fund the royal family’s lifestyle.

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