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Kate Middleton Is Allegedly Feuding Heavily With the British Royal Family Member Who Invited Rose Hanbury to the Coronation

After news broke that Prince William’s alleged mistress Rose Hanbury would be attending King Charles III’s Coronation, many fans wondered one thing: “Who the heck invited her?!” Many thought Charles was the one to confirm her invite due to her son Lord Oliver being a page alongside Prince George, but it seems as though Queen Camilla was allegedly the one to invite her — and it’s caused a huge rift between her and Kate Middleton.

An insider told RadarOnline that the choice to invite Hanbury “raised eyebrows big-time,” saying, “Apparently, Kate was seething over commands Camilla made about coronation guests and decided to make her angry feelings very obvious.”

They added, “William’s affair was vehemently denied, but [the] damage was done, and his marriage to Kate suffered. By inviting [her longtime friend] Rose, Camilla was going for the jugular!”

Since that incident, many fans have noticed a few subtle signs of an ongoing feud, including Kate’s refusal to curtsy Camilla — and sources claim this incident is definitely the reason why.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of tensions rising between Camilla and Kate. For instance, Camila reportedly thought Kate was “too common” to be with William, and now with these claims? It seems a bit messy.

For those that don’t know, Kate and Hanbury were considered best friends for years. However, the two mysteriously drifted from one another, and rumors swirled starting in 2019 that there was an affair between Hanbury and William. However, many insiders and the Palace have denied these claims.

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