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King Charles Is Reportedly Working Tirelessly to ‘Silence’ Queen Elizabeth II’s Most Controversial Confidante

It seems King Charles III is pulling out all the stops to ensure fewer memoirs about the Firm will see the light of day. While the King has been working on slimming down the monarchy and modernizing it every way he can, it seems he’s also working on silencing a few former key players — including one of Queen Elizabeth II’s most controversial confidantes Angela Kelly.

As many loyal royal fans know, Kelly was one of the people Charles evicted in early 2023 from her Berkshire Cottage, despite being promised lifelong accommodation by Elizabeth. Soon after this news broke, DailyMail reported that Charles allegedly bought Kelly a new home near Guiseley in Yorkshire, and now, these new reports show this new home may have been part of a long, arduous non-disclosure agreement battle.

Per Express, Kelly has reportedly signed a deal with Charles, where she gets a cottage-for-life in the Peak District in exchange for her silence. Silence on what, you might ask? Well, Kelly has previously published two memoirs that have given fans a huge glimpse into the behind-the-scenes life of the Firm. This was reportedly an attempt to silence Kelly on releasing any more details about Elizabeth’s final months.

Along with staying silent on that, Radar Online reported that Charles disconnected Kelly from her work duties at the palace and “cut off” from the King’s payroll.

For those that don’t know, Kelly was the Personal Advisor to Her Majesty (The Queen’s Wardrobe). She originally met Elizabeth by chance in 1992 after visiting Kelly’s employer Sir Christopher Mallaby’s home, per Town & Country.

Now why is she so controversial? Well, not only is she known for causing a fight or two, but she was part of the “tiaragate” incident where she reportedly tried to stop Meghan Markle from wearing a tiara on her wedding day, per Newsweek.

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