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Jennifer Tilly’s Barbiecore-Themed Look Proves She’s the Seasonal Fashion Queen

Jennifer Tilly’s new look proves that she’s both the Queen of darkness, and the Queen of spring!

On May 19, the Family Guy star shared a colorful, stunning selfie showing off her new nails and look on her Instagram. She shared the new pic with the simple caption reading, “In the pink. 🌸”

In the photo, we see the Oscar-nominated actress looking as radiant as can be while rocking a swirled pink dress, which she paired with a matching pink lipstick and her new stiletto red nails from Charm’s Nail Studio. Not only did she rock the bold Barbiecore color, but she showed everyone that she was ready to show her spring and summer goddess vibes.

Now, we already know the Bound star is a fashion chameleon, but she is the Queen of matching her look with the seasons. Since we’re on the cusp of spring and summer, she’s combining the colors into one sensational look.

In early 2023, she was all about rocking the LBDs and darker looks to match the winter vibes, and in the fall, who could forget the green ensemble that made our jaws drop?!

She previously told Looper about what the world would be like if there were multiple of her in the world. “Well, I think it would be a better, kinder, more beautiful world….” she said. “And then there’s one person that just wants to like romp around and make Chucky movies, and go on talk shows wearing a Tiffany outfit. That’s the Party Jennifer. Then there’s the Fashionista Jennifer that likes to go to fashion shows. There’d probably be about eight of us, I guess.”

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Alessandra Ambrosio

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