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Royal Insiders Revealed Kate Middleton’s Reportedly Telling Reaction to Rose Hanbury’s Coronation Attendance

While King Charles III’s Coronation has come and gone, it seems like we’re learning more and more details about that weekend every day. Not only have we recently learned how much the Coronation cost, but we also know one tidbit that royal fans have been wondering for weeks: how did Kate Middleton react when Prince William’s alleged mistress Rose Hanbury arrived at the Coronation? Well, we may now know the answer.

An insider told RadarOnline per MSN that while Kate has “mastered the art of being composed when the cameras are rolling,” she was quite peeved that Hanbury “was present for such a historic moment.”

Another source added to Life & Style magazine per MSN, “You could feel the awkwardness between the two women, even though there were 2,000 other people inside Westminster Abbey. Kate couldn’t even look Rose in the eye. Rose was her BFF, and she almost tore Kate and William’s marriage apart.”

They added, “William had to calm her down when she found out that Rose was invited to the coronation. He reminded her the cheating scandal was behind them and they’ve come so far since then.”

For those that don’t know, Hanbury is the woman at the center of those infidelity rumors that started in 2019. She and Kate were best friends until the rumors started, which were all about how William allegedly had a romantic rendezvous with Hanbury.

While the palace has denied these rumors, they started to swirl again when news broke that Hanbury’s son Lord Oliver was invited to be a page of honor at Charles’ Coronation with Kate and William’s eldest son Prince George.

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