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Kate Middleton’s Sister Pippa Is Going Down a Business Path Similar to Rose Hanbury

It seems that everyone in the Middleton family has been making money moves the past few years, including Kate Middleton’s younger sister Pippa Middleton. For those that haven’t been keeping track of everything Pippa, she’s making a big business move that has reportedly been years in the making — and it’s a path similar to her mother Carole Middleton, and even Rose Hanbury.

Back in 2020, Pippa and her husband James Matthews bought a 77-acre site called Bucklebury Park Farm, which is a farm close to their family home in Berkshire Village. Now, not only did they buy this sprawling farmland, but it seems Pippa has been making some changes and creating the affluent The Bucklebury Gift and Farm Shop.

This shop is a bit on the pricier side, as we’ve seen from snapshots from DailyMail, and it sells quite a lot! From eco-conscious tote bags to toothbrushes, Pippa is dabbling her hand at it all — including some home decor! In the photos from DailyMail, you can see that one of the items (a chic three-pint jug) is already sold out, and we’re sure there’s been a lot of love given to the other home decor and kitchen pieces!

Now, it’s obvious that Pippa was inspired by Carole’s business Party Pieces, but it’s a very similar venture to a project Hanbury did last year!

For those that don’t know, Hanbury is known as Marchioness Rose Cholmondeley, a member of the royal circle and the woman at the center of Prince William’s cheating rumors. Over the years, Hanbury has dabbled in quite a few projects like modeling, politics, and yes, home decor.

On May 4, 2022, a post was shared with Cabana Magazine, saying, “Afternoon sun and near-perfect symmetry as the table is set on the terrace at Houghton Hall. Discover our very special collection of tableware, designed by Rose Cholmondeley and Martina Mondadori, inspired by the extraordinary interiors of this fine Palladian house #cabanaxhoughton.”

You can see the post HERE!

This post showed that Hanbury and Mondadori collaborated with a popular interior design company called Cabana, to create chic tableware (and it sold out quite quickly!)

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