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Jeff Bezos Shows Just How Much He Loves Girlfriend Lauren Sánchez With This Unexpected Tribute on His $500M Superyacht

Jeff Bezos is not subtle about his wealth whatsoever, especially when he’s on vacation. The Amazon founder is currently enjoying his $500 million superyacht, the Koru, off the coast of Spain with girlfriend Lauren Sánchez, but eagle-eyed fans noticed this curious fresh detail about the boat.

The 416-foot schooner has a new sculpture on the prow which reportedly was made in Sánchez’s likeness — it has some seriously gorgeous curves. (See the image HERE.) But Bezos isn’t just interested in having a random tribute to his significant other on the superyacht, it also possesses a shared meaning for the couple. The figurine wears the symbol for Koru, the Māori word for loop or coil, according to People, and signifies “new beginnings.”

Despite a rocky start due to the overlap of their prior marriages, the couple has enjoyed four PDA-filled years. Bezos has been known to engage in quite a bit of smooching and hand-holding with his love — whether it’s the red carpet or a New Year’s Eve party. Bezos has also begun involving his girlfriend in his professional world with Sánchez sometimes accompanying the entrepreneur on trips to support his philanthropic and commercial ventures. Neither of them have discussed marriage publicly, but they are always showing a united front before the cameras. 

With her new mermaid-like tribute on the front of his very expensive superyacht, it’s probably safe to say that their relationship is going strong. Sánchez knows her man is showing his love in a way only a billionaire can.

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