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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Reportedly Spend This Jaw-Dropping Sum on Their Security Team Each Year

It wouldn’t be surprising for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to go back to the drawing board and reconfigure their safety plans. With their horrifying paparazzi chase on Tuesday night and a stalker arrest on Monday night at their Montecito home, they need to batten down the hatches a little tighter. That may mean upping their security budget which already the Sussexes already pay an astronomical sum for.

In 2021, security experts told Forbes that Harry and Meghan’s tab likely hit $2 to $3 million per year for the type of 24-7 protection they need. Their Montecito mansion encompasses 7.4 acres, so it’s a lot of land to cover. “He has already gone through losing his mother due to lack of risk assessment in that situation,” said APA Celebrity Protection Group’s D-Teflon told the outlet. “So he has to think, ‘OK, Do I want my wife and my kid going through the same fate?”

Their family has grown since that original security estimate with the birth of daughter, Princess Lilibet, 1, joining brother Prince Archie, 4, and Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland is often included in the family’s public events — they have a lot to be worried about. Another security expert, Kent Moyer, chief executive of The World Protection Group, noticed a weakness in their security strategy that should have been taken care of before they even looked at homes to purchase — Harry didn’t put the home in a trust or an LLC, it’s under his own name. “It’d take 10 minutes to roam around to find that property,” he said of being able to find the Sussexes’ address from public records.

Moving forward, Harry and Meghan are going to have to work with their team to strategically plan their every move — and that’s going to cost them. However, the peace of mind knowing that they are safe is worth every penny.

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