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A Jennifer Lopez Insider Is Debunking the Deceiving Videos That Made It Look Like She Was Arguing With Ben Affleck

In the same week that Jennifer Lopez was spotted kissing Ben Affleck on the red carpet, the couple was also snapped in a few passionate conversations at The Mother film premiere and later, in their car. Were they arguing or just animatedly talking? Well, one insider is sharing that there is nothing to see here — the Lopez-Afflecks are doing just fine. 

“They’re in an incredibly good place, very loving and supportive of each other,” a source told the Daily Mail. They swear that the discussion caught on camera was nothing more than two parents “talking about where to meet the rest of their family following the carpet for the screening.” (See the videos HERE.) Even if J.Lo and Affleck were annoyed at each other, every marriage has its ups and downs — and these two fought pretty hard for their love after 17 years apart. 

Lopez’s mother, Guadalupe Rodríguez, has made it pretty clear that the Oscar winner is her favorite son-in-law — and remember, she had four men to choose from. “I knew that you would always get back together because I prayed for 20 years,” she told Lopez during her Today Show appearance recently. Lopez responded to her mother’s profession of love for Affleck on the red carpet with Entertainment Tonight. “It’s so funny, she never said that to me,” she revealed. “We never spoke about it, no, no. She really loved him when we were together before, so maybe deep down, I don’t know.”

Fans have to remember that A-list stars like Lopez and Affleck also have everyday problems just like everyone else. Sure, it comes with a bit more glamour and a lot more money, but those little day-to-day conversations about scheduling, kids, and what to eat for dinner are something even celebrities have to deal with. We are all just lucky that our every move with our spouses isn’t captured on camera for the world to overanalyze.

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