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Prince William Is Reportedly ‘Taking Stock’ of King Charles III’s Coronation & Making Very Different Plans for His Future Crowning

King Charles III’s coronation has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean Prince William isn’t thinking about his future. He’s reportedly assessing what worked and what he would love to change about the historic day once it is his turn on the throne. 

The Times spoke with a palace insider who discussed what is going through the Prince of Wales’ mind after witnessing his father’s coronation. “He is really thinking, how do we make his coronation feel most relevant in the future? He is mindful of the fact that in 20 years’ time, or whenever his time comes, how can the coronation be modern but also unifying to the nation and the Commonwealth? I think his coronation will look and feel quite different.”

While the source swears that William’s team isn’t furiously writing plans right now, they are “taking stock” and “reflective about the events of last week.” The most important aspect to the royal right now is that the ceremony “evolves” with the times. One way William is modernizing his own position as the Prince of Wales is by taking “an investiture off the table” — he will not have a coronet placed on his head as his father did at Caernarfon Castle in Wales. A second source noted that he already thinking about “how to leave a legacy in communities rather than just going in [to] do ribbon cutting.”

William will likely have more freedom to modernize his coronation, especially since he doesn’t have the same controversies that follow his father in the wake of his affair with Queen Camilla and his divorce from Princess Diana. William will want to make a fresh mark on the position so that it looks much different from his father’s big day — which was steeped in tradition.

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