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The Astonishing Cost of Britney Spears’ 13-Year Conservatorship Reveals That a Lot of People Made Money Off Her Hardships

With a new Britney Spears special coming out on Monday, May 15, all eyes are on the pop star yet again. She’s only been out of her conservatorship about a year and a half, but her finances are at the top of fans’ minds now that it’s been revealed she paid her attorney Mathew Rosengart an astronomical amount of money to represent her.

It seems that Spears has paid out approximately $6 million to his firm since he first took over her conservatorship case, according to TMZ. A lion’s share of those funds — $4,201,856 million to be exact — came after the conservatorship ended. The legal services, which are now reportedly going to be pro bono moving forward, represent “various areas of Britney’s life, including ending the conservatorship, an ongoing case against Jamie, music, her book deal, and other matters.” While that’s a significant amount of money, Rosengart alleges that Spears’ conservatorship battle earned other lawyers over $30 million in fees (Page Six claims that number is even higher at over $36 million).

That means the 41-year-old pop star’s net worth has dropped significantly over the years. It was reportedly worth $60 million at the end of the conservatorship, and TMZ insiders are saying, “It’s now a lot less.” Rosengart and Spears still have an ongoing court case with her father, Jamie Spears, and her former business manager, Lou Taylor, over discrepancies in their accounting and legal bills.

What makes this case even more tragic is that Spears worked very hard during her four-year Las Vegas residency. She was setting records at the time and grossed over $137.7 million, plus she had other lucrative opportunities over the decades. Where did all of that money go? Let’s hope the legal system finally works in Spears’ favor and holds people accountable for the current state of her finances.

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