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Former White House Staffers Claim Donald Trump Was Often ‘Inappropriate’ With Women While He Was President

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On the heels of Donald Trump being found liable for defaming and sexual abusing advice columnist E. Jean Carroll, former White House staffers are claiming that this type of behavior was common from him while he was in the Oval Office. His actions even got so bad toward one woman that other aides reportedly made sure she was “never alone” with the former president.

Former White House director of strategic communications and current host on The View, Alyssa Farah Griffin, told CNN, via Vanity Fair, “I have countless pieces of what I considered impropriety in the White House that I brought to the chief of staff [Mark Meadows] because I thought the way he engaged with women was dangerous.” Griffin noted that it was “nothing that rises to [E. Jean Carroll’s] level, but things that I would consider improper and that I had a duty to report.” She also revealed that Meadows wasn’t the only person who she voiced her concerns to, “former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham” also heard the allegations. 

Grisham also spoke about her experiences in the Donald Trump White House in a separate CNN segment on Tuesday. It seems that the former president took an unhealthy liking to one female staff member and many advisers were concerned when “he, one time, had one of my other deputies bring her back so that they could ‘look at her ass’ is what he said to him.” She mentioned that this incident was noted in her book, I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House, and she took the issue to Meadows — who did nothing. 

“I tried everything I could to ensure she was never alone with him,” Grisham told CNN. “At the end of the day what could they do other than go in there and say, ‘This isn’t good sir,’ and you know Donald Trump will do what Donald Trump wants to do…when you’re dealing with the president of the United States, again, there’s no HR group or HR representative to go to, to talk to about these kinds of things.” So, Donald Trump was allowed to run around the White House without any accountability whatsoever, but little did he know that Carroll was going to hold him accountable in court 27 years later.

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