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Shakira Is Eyeing a Miami Mansion on a Private Island to Start a New Life Post Divorce

Getting a handle on the new normal following a divorce — especially one that has been as messy as Shakira’s divorce from Gerard Piqué — can be a lot. Shakira has been making efforts to get her life back in order following her separation from Piqué, which includes finding a new place to call home. As it turns out, the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer has her eye on a very specific place to settle down with her two kids: a mansion on Fisher Island in Miami.

For those not in the know, Fisher Island is a private island just off of Miami Beach and only has 1,300 residents. These residents also happen to have incomes so large that they’ve made Fisher Island the wealthiest postal code in the United States, according to Bloomberg. The average income of Fisher Island make roughly $2.5 million a year, per Marca.

“The most expensive residential area in the world, where there are the largest number of millionaires per square meter. It can only be accessed by boat or helicopter,” Spanish journalist Alex Rodriguez on El Programa de Ana Rosa said describing the exclusive neighborhood.

The Colombian singer isn’t the only one hoping to call this exclusive property home, though. Reportedly, Kim Kardashian has also had her eye on a rare opening on Fisher Island, and both seem to be willing to go the distance and shell out cash for things like the $250,000 down payment required simply for the privilege of living there.

And for celebrities with massive bank accounts, the quarter-million dollar down payment and annual fee of $22,256 afterwards is worth it. Fisher Island naturally boasts amenities like private security and beaches, two pools, a golf course, and tennis courts for its wealthy residents. The privacy seems like something Shakira would appreciate after going through everything with her divorce and her messy tax issues in Spain.

It isn’t clear if both Kardashian and Shakira are able to move to the island neighborhood, so the two might end up being neighbors if there are multiple spots on Fisher Island available. But, given the exclusivity of Fisher Island, it doesn’t seem like estates open up all that often.

Will Shakira finally get some time away from the spotlight in a new Fisher Island home? Or, if there is only one, will Kim snatch it and add it to her already extensive collection of homes? Only time will tell!

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