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Kate Middleton’s ‘Growing Influence’ on the Monarchy Proves That She Emerged as Royal Family Superstar After King Charles III’s Coronation

It looks like there is a clear winner in the royal family after the coronation last Saturday, and it isn’t King Charles III. It seems that his daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, emerged as the superstar at the palace — although most people probably knew this already.

The Princess of Wales has been exerting her power in a more confident way to not only score tickets for her family members to the coronation, but also her staff. The Telegraph notes that her “growing influence” is quite apparent these days because she’s playing a “central role” in helping to “modernize the monarchy.” Sources are impressed with how she’s helped to set Prince William up for his leadership role as Prince of Wales — and there are flattering comparisons to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

William, like his dad, is known to have a “short temper,” so Kate often comes in clutch in helping “to soothe and calm her husband,” which his late grandmother did so well. Even with the family feud, the Princess of Wales has reportedly kept “a cool head when all about her are losing theirs.” And even though she’s been unsuccessful in reuniting William and Prince Harry, she was the first person everyone thought of when the palace tried to “broker peace.”

She’s reportedly trying to stay away from the family drama and focus on the work she needs to do as the Princess of Wales. “Of course she’ll know what’s been said but she won’t have read any of the coverage,” a royal insider told the U.K. outlet. “She tries to stay well away from all that stuff.” Now let’s hope the royal family lets her flourish as the palace’s shining star because we knows they don’t always love it people steal the spotlight.

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