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Prince William’s Pledge to King Charles May Require Him to ‘Rise Above’ & Forgive Prince Harry

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King Charles III’s coronation on Saturday was a major turning point for the royal family. A new king was officially crowned, Prince Harry seemed to be saying goodbye to his old life, and Prince William pledged to be his father’s “liege man of life and limb” in front of the entire world. This role for the Prince of Wales comes with some serious responsibilities and one U.K. outlet is calling on him to wrap up the royal rift now.

Prince William, who was “absolutely horrified” by the revelations about him and Kate Middleton in Harry’s memoir, Spare, doesn’t want to apologize to his brother — he thinks it should come from the Duke of Sussex first. That has created a stalemate between the brothers, who didn’t speak to each other at the coronation. However, his new role may require him “to rise above for the sake of the Crown,” according to The Telegraph.

It seems that there is a softening of relations between King Charles and the Sussexes and that there’s been “genuine cooperation” from them in agreeing to the terms of Harry’s coronation attendance. The media outlet also described William as “stubborn at times,” and that he’s going to have to learn to put that aside since “a royal rapprochement” is likely “in the best long-term interests of the monarchy.”

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Prince William is officially King Charles III’s right-hand man, and they’ve grown close over the last few years in dealing with the family feud and Prince Andrew’s Jeffrey Epstein scandal. The Telegraph is telling him the time is now to show his leadership and repair “his broken bonds with his brother.” Will he heed the call or let the rift continue to fester? The Prince of Wales has a big decision to make.

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