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Prince Harry Reportedly Left London Hours After Dad King Charles III’s Coronation & We’re Honestly Not Surprised

London was bustling yesterday thanks to the Coronation of King Charles III. The entire world was watching the United Kingdom as the new sovereign was officially crowned. All manner of dignitaries, celebrities, and royalty were there, including Prince Harry. But the Duke of Sussex’s stay in London didn’t last long, and he reportedly made a swift getaway just a few hours after his dad was crowned.

According to People, Harry “traveled to the airport just hours after the crowning ceremony at Westminster Abbey.” But before you start speculating what all the rush was about, there’s a very good reason Harry wanted to get back to California so quickly, and it has nothing to do with his tense relationship with his family in the U.K. Saturday, May 6, also marked Prince Archie’s fourth birthday. As such, it only makes sense that proud papa Harry would want to get home to wife Meghan Markle and their two kiddos, including daughter Princess Lilibet, so soon.

Honestly, we kind of figured Harry’s time in London wouldn’t be long given that the coronation date coincided with his son’s birthday. Back in Montecito, Meghan was preparing a fairly low-key get-together for family and close friends to celebrate little Archie’s big day. Many parents understand the impulse to be there for those early milestones their children have, and we’re sure Harry felt it was a top priority to get back home for his son as soon as possible.

While in London, though, Harry appeared to be in good spirits at the coronation. He sat with cousins Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice and their respective husbands, and flashed a cheeky smile to members of his family. Even though there was little to no sign of a reconciliation between Harry and his brother, Prince William, we’re just glad the Duke of Sussex was able to attend the monumental occasion for his father and get home swiftly to his little boy.

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