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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Photographer Honored Prince Archie’s Birthday With This Subtle Dig at King Charles III’s Coronation

Let’s be honest, it was hard not to think of Princess Diana during King Charles III’s coronation on Saturday. It wasn’t only on our minds, it was also resonating through Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s circle of friends, particularly one close pal who found a subtle way to shade the royal family while celebrating Prince Archie’s fourth birthday. 

Misan Harriman, the photographer who has captured some of the Sussexes’ major milestones, including their 2021 pregnancy announcement, chose a moment from the couple’s Harry & Meghan docuseries to honor their son. The screen-capture showed the touching moment of baby Archie reaching out to a framed photo of Princess Diana. The black-and-white Patrick Demarchelier snapshot is one of the most iconic images of Harry’s late mother. 

It’s hard not to read between the lines, especially when King Charles III’s coronation was scheduled on the same day as Archie’s birthday. If Charles had not had an affair with Queen Camilla, that day would have been celebrated with Diana on the throne if she was still alive. It’s obviously a hypothetical situation since we all know how the fairy tale turned into a nightmare, but Harriman’s post was obviously a subtle dig at Charles and Camilla.

Prince Harry was also obviously torn about the two big events happening on May 6. He made the choice to spend a whirlwind 24 hours in London for his father’s historic day, only to high tail it back to California the moment the ceremony was over. The Duke of Sussex’s family and new life is in the United States and his royal duties are starting to feel like a distant memory.

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