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King Charles III Is Being Accused of Causing a Royal Family ‘Reputational Crisis’ in the Wake of His Feud With Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

Once King Charles III’s coronation is done, he’s going to have to sit back and assess his PR strategy. It’s not easy to navigate the ins and outs of the press, but people are starting to point out that the palace’s old way of doing things just isn’t working out for them anymore.

A new essay in Vanity Fair is telling Charles to step up to the plate because the palace’s lack of action over the family feud is causing a “reputational crisis.” Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have found a much savvier way of handling their side of the story with writer Erin Vanderhoof noting that they react “with more alacrity” anytime a new issue comes up. Their spokesperson is ready with a simple, but clear, statement and the palace is left holding the bag each and every time.

Some of the issues at hand may be the fact that Charles has been more focused on generating good press for Queen Camilla, instead of finding middle ground with his son and daughter-in-law. In the U.S., the Sussexes have “shifted their media approach to appeal to an American audience and a 24/7 news cycle.” It’s why they consistently generate more headlines than the man who is going to be crowned the King of England. The family feud has become “inherently political” as Charles chose to dodge the racial bias questions raised by Harry and Meghan — and fans have taken clear sides.

Charles is going to have to figure out how to change the narrative because the exhaustive headlines aren’t helping his cause. His communications office needs to be able to respond without fear of upsetting the Royal Rota and perhaps, the trading of family secrets to the media needs to be trashed. If he wants to modernize the monarchy, it’s time to start right at home.

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