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King Charles III Will Likely ‘Be More Proactive’ in Making the Throne a Political Role for Prince William

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It’s long been an unwritten rule that the royal family steers clear of politics, even though their ceremonial role often means meeting with leaders from all over the globe. That rule was strictly enforced when Queen Elizabeth II was alive, but Tom Jennings, director of the National Geographic documentary Charles: In His Own Words, believes that King Charles III will change that royal protocol for good. 

The palace did its best over the years to remain politically neutral (although Donald Trump’s visit looked a bit strained at times), but the public has seen that narrative shift over the years as Charles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton have thrown their support to Ukraine in the wake of the Russian invasion. Even though “the royals are not supposed to talk about matters of politics,” Jennings thinks Charles is “hooked” on pushing topics about the environment and world relations. “What I see happening in Charles’ vision, not just in reading the news, but in watching his moves, he’s going to change the monarchy,” he tells SheKnows exclusively.

“He recognizes that it’s antiquated in some ways,” Jennings continues. “They will keep the Beefeaters, the Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace because it’s a good export for the tourists, but he’s going to fashion it in a way that when William steps in — it’s going to look and feel like a younger man’s game.” The director notes that Charles will likely be “more proactive” in the political arena but warns that “it’s not going to happen right away” because Charles always plays the “long game.”

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Jennings even goes as far to predict that Charles could be addressing political leaders in ways the Queen would have never dreamed of. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he, as the King of England, is making speeches to Parliament about the need to make changes in order to address climate change,” he adds. It would be Charles’ way of creating a new path for William in the future while making his mark as king in the present.

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