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King Charles III’s Invitation for the Public to Pledge Allegiance During His Coronation Isn’t Sitting Well With Twitter

King Charles III’s coronation week is finally here as the royal family releases new details about the ceremony each day. However, the latest update has some U.K. citizens side-eyeing Charles’ latest request.

The coronation organizers, in an attempt to modernize the proceedings, thought it would be a nice touch to ask the public to pledge their “true allegiance” to the new king. While it is a request only, it will be “the first time in history” that “all royal subjects” will be given the opportunity to participate, according to The Washington Post. The new oath for the general public replaces the “traditional allegiance pledged by hereditary peers.” While that sounds like a lovely inclusionary detail, not everyone on Twitter is thrilled by the idea.

“It’s ridiculous,” wrote one account. “Charles did this because he knows his popularity is low.” Plus, there are plenty of U.K. citizens who will never forget his affair with Queen Camilla as another account noted, “Immensely wealthy aging man who’s never worked and who was unfaithful to his young wife + mother of his children with a married woman wants me to swear an oath. I can think of many – but it certainly won’t be one of allegiance.” And of course, there are the anti-monarchists who will be protesting every single day that King Charles sits on the throne, “Not a chance – I believe in democracy,” added a user.

Charles won’t share the same level of respect that his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, commanded, but he’s trying to win people over as best he can. His short reign has so far been mired in scandals and controversies, but Charles is likely hoping his coronation will generate some goodwill and give him a fresh start.

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