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Resurfaced Photos Show Princess Beatrice’s Friendship with This A-Lister Who Has Unique Ties to the Trump Family

It’s no secret that Princess Beatrice has quite a few A-list friends in her tight circle, and seems to get along with so many shocking people. (Her out at dinner with Piers Morgan was a really confusing one we didn’t expect, since she and her sister Princess Eugenie are so close to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry!)

From Ellie Goulding to Misha Nonoo, it seems like Beatrice can get along with everyone — including one A-lister with a surprising tie to the Trump family. Any guesses? Alright, we’ll tell you: one of Beatrice’s besties is supermodel Karlie Kloss.

In case you didn’t know (most people don’t), Kloss has a unique tie to the Trump family, because she and Ivanka Trump are sisters-in-law. Kloss and her husband Josh Kushner started dating in 2012, married in 2018, and welcomed their first child in March 2021. Josh is the younger brother of Jared Kushner, who married Ivanka in 2009 and has three children with her.

Now, how do we know they’re buddies? For one thing, back in 2018, Goulding, Kloss, Nonoo, and Beatrice were seen on vacation, per Harper’s Bazaar, which made everyone wonder how their friend group came to be.

While it’s unclear how they met, the Zoolander 2 star and Beatrice have a close bond. Their friendship was first known in a selfie Kloss posted to her Instagram of her and Beatrice on Sept 2016, with the caption reading: “my wedding date 😘.”

This photo has been making the rounds again, making everyone want to know more about this unlikely friendship. Because along with this snapshot, per AOL, Kloss told Beatrice about her engagement to Joshua over FaceTime and that Beatrice attended Kloss and Kusher’s second wedding.

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