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Prince William’s Coronation Role Symbolizes So Much for the Next Chapter of the Royal Family

The coronation of King Charles III is just days away and we’re learning more and more about what the ceremony will look like. We already know Prince Harry is officially attending, and that Prince George will have a prominent role. But as far as Prince William was concerned, we weren’t sure exactly how the future King of England would factor into the ceremony. Now, however, we’re learning more about the role the Prince of Wales will play in the coronation, and it symbolizes so much for the future of the British monarchy.

Prince William will reportedly pledge his loyalty and allegiance to King Charles III during the coronation ceremony, according to Entertainment Tonight. The outlet, which obtained a copy of the Liturgy of the Coronation Service, reports that the Prince of Wales will, once his father is officially crowned, kneel before King Charles III and recite the lines, “I, William, Prince of Wales, pledge my loyalty to you and faith and truth I will bear unto you, as your liege man of life and limb. So help me God.”

It’s been decades since a new monarch was crowned to the British throne. While this ceremony will have so many historic implications, the exchange between Prince William and his father will symbolize so much more than just the heir to the throne’s fealty to the newly crowned sovereign. This moment will also highlight the continuity of the British monarchy, as Prince William will one day become King of England.

The more we learn about the coronation, the more intrigued we are by the traditions, pomp, and circumstance of it all. It’s going to be a star-studded occasion, and there’s bound to be a lot of scrutiny on certain members of the royal family — will William and Harry finally reconcile? Mark your calendars, folks. The coronation is just around the corner on May 6!

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