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Prince Harry’s ‘Rogue’ Move in Suing the British Tabloids Reportedly Upset the Royal Family

Prince Harry’s phone-hacking case against News Group Newspapers seems to be ruffling a few royal feathers at the palace. It seems that not everyone loves the Duke of Sussex going after a member of the Royal Rota — they would have preferred if he had taken the route of his brother, Prince William. 

Palace insiders are telling The Telegraph that Harry should have taken a secret payment from the tabloids like William did in 2020. Instead, they are upset he decided to go rogue” and take the fight public. While the siblings both deserve the money for the injustices done to them, the royal family doesn’t seem to be willing to call out the bad (and criminal) behavior. That’s because they are complexly entangled with the Royal Rota. 

Harry claimed in his witness statement that his father’s office, Clarence House, obstructed “every move” he tried in getting an apology from Rupert Murdoch’s media company. He alleged that his dad had a “specific long-term strategy” in making sure Queen Camilla received positive publicity on her way to the throne. Insiders from the royal family swear that “there was no secret agreement” and that the palace tried to make an “institutional resolution” that was favorable to both Harry and William. The source added, “This was not about individuals.”

There seems to a big question surrounding how much William and Harry knew about the phone-hacking case, which has deep roots going back to 2012. It seems that different levels of information were imparted to the brothers, that’s why Justice Fancourt is questioning the “factual inconsistency” of the Duke of Sussex’s current case versus his 2019 claim. Those issues will have to be sorted out in court, but the bottom line is that News Group Newspapers invaded both Harry and William’s privacy.

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