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Jessica Simpson Dazzled in a Skims Bikini But Fans Were Critical of Her Kim Kardashian Support

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After having three kids, Jessica Simpson is proud of her strong athletic figure, and she happily showed it off in a neon Skims bikini to her Instagram followers. She was probably thinking she would get asked a few health and fitness tips, but her gorgeous snapshot turned into a conversation about Kim Kardashian

It seems that many of her fans are not big supporters of the reality show star. One follower got right to the point in the comments, writing, “I love you Jessica but I can’t support Skims or The Kardashians.” Another added, “You, yes. Skims, no. (The brand, not how you look in them—you look gorgeous as always!)” And of course one Kardashian critic spelled it all out, noting, “Great swim suite love it I wouldn’t wear skims at all That line belongs to the K Kardashian after the BALENCIAGA child trafficking and ‘no comment from Kim k; WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT AFTER THAT CANNOT BUY ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS. the rest looks amazing.”

Phew! Simpson probably wasn’t expecting feedback like that, but the comments are showing that the Kardashians culture influence is starting to wane. Gone are the days when Kim would be at the forefront of beauty standards, and she even seems to be feeling the dip in relevancy as she leans into her law studies. The disturbing Balenciaga ads, a designer that is a Kardashian favorite, didn’t help after it took her so long to respond to the controversy. And others can’t overlook Kanye West’s 5% financial stake in the Skims brand after his anti-Semitic comments; it feels uncomfortable to line his wallet in dollar bills.

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It’s a lot to unpack in one Instagram post and Simpson likely didn’t know that she was wading into controversial waters in a neon bikini. Now that she’s getting feedback from her fans, she might think twice before posting abut Kim’s shapewear brand. 

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