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One Royal Expert Is Calling Out Kate Middleton for Taking ‘Indulgent Time Off’ of Her Royal Duties

Both Kate Middleton and Prince William have been called out in the past for their work ethic, but now, the cries are starting to reach a fever pitch in the wake of King Charles III’s coronation. Even the royal experts, who are consistently complimentary of the Prince and Princess of Wales, are starting to lose patience. 

New Zealand Herald royal expert Daniela Elser is criticizing Kate for her 29-day absence leading up to the festivities for her father-in-law. The journalist finds her few-and-far-between work engagements to be troubling because she is “the next Queen of the United Kingdom with an outsize role in helping shore up the monarchy.” Even though the Princess of Wales went back to work last week, Elser’s words are cutting. 

“Imagine getting the biggest job of your life so far, a job with possibly crushing pressure, and having assumed the mantle of one of the most truly iconic women of the late 20th century, and then proceeding to take four weeks off work,” she wrote. Elser tries to give Kate some grace for raising three young kids and spending time with them over their spring break, but she’s reminding the royals that many parents don’t have the luxury of taking four weeks off, especially in challenging economic times. 

Elser isn’t the only one taking note of Kate’s “indulgent time off,” it’s also driven by data. Civitas, a British think tank focused on democracy and public policy, recently revealed that a 40 percent drop in royal engagements is leading to apathy in the country.  Charles, Princess Anne, and Prince Edward are cited as “doing almost half the work” in the royal family, and the group recommended that William and Kate need to start picking up the slack since the burden has been primarily placed on family members who are over the age of 70. As their children get older, it’s harder to hide behind the young family excuse and the royal experts keep count of the Waleses’ royal engagements.

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