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Princess Eugenie Raised Eyebrows After Spending a Chummy Afternoon With Meghan Markle’s Archenemy Piers Morgan

Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, have been the two members of the royal family to stay close to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after their royal exit. They even visited the stateside duo’s Montecito estate with Eugenie making an unexpected appearance with the Duke of Sussex at the Super Bowl in 2022. So, the obvious line of thought would be that Eugenie would steer clear of Meghan’s enemies like Piers Morgan, right? 

Well, it looks like the former Good Morning Britain host is a part of the inner circle that not only includes Eugenie, but also her sister, Princess Beatrice, and singer James Blunt. The Daily Mail shared snapshots of the very friendly group exiting a pub after what appeared to be a fun luncheon. Eugenie left solo ahead of her sister, but Beatrice was captured warmly embracing the controversial TV personality, who has spent the last several years of his career bashing the Duchess of Sussex

That didn’t seem to bother anyone in attendance, but it certainly might bug both Harry and Meghan, especially if Eugenie didn’t give them the heads-up that she would be in Morgan’s presence. “To see one of Meghan Markle’s in-laws not only refusing to actively disavow him, but actively embracing him — it’s really disheartening,” noted royal family news TikTok account @matta_of_fact, who pointed out the seemingly cruel dig at the Sussexes.

The TikTok personality believes that the images “draw battle lines between the London Bridge of the family and Harry and Meghan” as well as possibly “causing division” between Eugenie and her favorite cousin. It’s no secret that Queen Camilla courts Meghan’s enemies, including Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson, who are “openly hostile” toward her, but seeing Eugenie and Beatrice there feels like a betrayal — one that could permanently sever Harry’s last close ties to the palace.

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