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Paris Jackson Is Being Criticized for Wearing This Daring Dress & It Shows How Far We Have To Go

Paris Jackson is known for pushing the envelope with fashion because she understands the message behind haute couture and she’s also an incredible muse for many designers. Her latest outfit, created by Jean Paul Gaultier, is drawing a lot of controversy because of the female body parts printed onto the dress.

The 25-year-old model shared a video clip that showed off the form-fitting, sheer ensemble. The long dress had nipples, a belly button, and the shading of pubic hair printed onto the fabric. It was done in a very tasteful way to spark conversation because Jackson looked absolutely elegant in the outfit. She wore her hair in soft waves and accessorized with brown sunglasses and black platform heels. She only tagged the designers and limited comments on the post.

Fans chimed in with mixed reactions, which is probably why she restricted more people from responding to the video clip. One critic wrote, “Is there a point to this dress? And when do we start leaving things to the imagination versus having to see everything on display? Sorry Paris this outfit was a flop.” Another added, “Art is fine…… but my 6 year old daughter doesn’t need to see nude bodies. Keep this away from the kids and keep it on a runway for only adults.” However, she did have her supporters, too, who reminded everyone of the sexism at play here. “This is very well made 🙂 people get so easily offended by the female body, even when it’s just a print on clothing,” they wrote.

Michael Jackson’s only daughter got the last word which also echoed how women’s bodies are policed much differently than men’s bodies. A voiceover on the clip shares a conversation between two women. One voice says, “So, your nipples are poking through your shirt. The second voice responds, “OK?” The first voice adds, “You should put a bra on.” The second voice chimes back in, “No.” It’s Jackson’s empowering way of reminding everyone that a double standard in fashion exists and she’s not interested in following societal norms — she’s all about freeing the nipple – whether it’s a printed graphic or her real ones.

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