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Prince William Is ‘Still Upset’ With Prince Harry for This Particular Reason

We’ve had a feeling for some time that Prince William and Prince Harry aren’t heading down the road to reconciliation any time soon. With the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla less than two weeks away, circumstances between the brothers seem more tense than before. And a new report suggests there’s one particular reason William isn’t interested in restoring the bond with his younger brother.

The Prince of Wales still holds a lot of frustrated feelings regarding the Duke of Sussex’s memoir, according an insider who spoke to Entertainment Tonight. “William is still upset about Harry’s book. He feels it was a betrayal and he has no interest in communicating with Harry before the coronation about their disagreements,” the source shared with the outlet.

Even though Harry previously shared he would like to reconcile with his older brother, it doesn’t seem like that’ll happen in the near future, especially considering how William still feels. “The relationship is still fractured, and it is unclear when they will be able to mend fences.” This isn’t the first report to suggest the coronation will not be the time or place for the two brothers to mend their bond, if they ever do.

Other reports have claimed that the two might not even make eye contact during the historic royal event. Clearly, there’s still a lot these two have to work through. While we hope we eventually see the day Prince William and Prince Harry restore their once-close relationship, we know it’ll take an awful lot of time. This coronation could get capital A Awkward.

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