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Prince William & Prince Harry Will Reportedly Avoid This ‘Big Conversation’ at Their Father’s Coronation

The coronation of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla is just two weeks away, and the bonds between certain members of the royal family are still being tested. Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship has been on thin ice for quite some time. And even though we hope to see the day when the two reconcile, a new report seems to suggest the brothers won’t rehash the disintegration of their relationship during their father’s coronation.

According to a new report from People, Harry’s attendance at the May 6 coronation doesn’t mean reconciliation talks are on that table. “I don’t think the coronation and a big conversation can be conflated,” a royal insider shared with the outlet. Even in the two weeks leading up to the major royal event, “things are strained” between Harry and William.

Harry will attend his father’s coronation solo. His wife, Meghan Markle, plans to stay in California, where she’ll celebrate the fourth birthday of the couple’s son, Archie. It’s no real surprise that Harry and William likely won’t discuss where their relationship stands during the coronation. The focus will be on the brothers’ father, King Charles III, and the historic event itself. Any statements or news regarding conversations the brothers may or may not have will only serve as a distraction, and we doubt that’s something either of them want.

But the brothers’ falling out might be so bad and irrevocable at this point that it’s been suggested by other reports that they might not even make eye contact. William and Harry haven’t been in a good place for a few years at this point. We don’t know if the two will ever reconnect and restore their relationship, but even if it does happen, it definitely seems like it won’t occur at the forthcoming coronation.

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