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Ben Affleck’s Latest Comments on ‘Superhuman’ Wife Jennifer Lopez Actually Have Us Swooning

It honestly comes as no surprise to us that Jennifer Lopez is an absolute “superhuman.” But having the fact affirmed by her husband Ben Affleck seriously made our hearts leap. The Air actor and director stopped by The Drew Barrymore Show to gush about his multi-hyphenate wife, and what he had to say about his lady love honestly made us swoon.

The conversation, which you can watch below, must’ve started with how gorgeous Lopez looks on the daily — another indisputable fact. “I’m going to tell you something that’s gonna upset you,” Affleck told the eponymous host. “Jennifer just eats whatever she wants: pizza, cookies, ice cream — everything.” Ok, seriously though, even if she does eat whatever she wants, J. Lo has to be super dedicated to her gym routine right? Well, to that end, Affleck had an answer too. “She works out. I mean, I work out too! But I don’t magically appear to be 20 years old. You know what I mean?” Affleck said.

But the actor didn’t stop there. He continued to lavish his wife with compliments, saying, “The work ethic is real, the discipline is very real. But also the superhuman thing is real,” Affleck said, calling his wife “the most gorgeous woman in the world. She looks spectacular!” At that, Drew Barrymore basically became all of us and melted into her seat. “I’m swooning,” Barrymore said. “This is me living vicariously through romance and men appreciating women and all of it.” Same, Drew. Same.

Aside from Affleck’s comments on how stunning Lopez is 24/7, we really loved that he acknowledged her dedication and her work ethic, along with the fact that J.Lo is just an absolute goddess who, for some reason, descended to Earth. Even when the couple wasn’t together, Affleck was one of Lopez’s biggest supporters and cheerleaders. But now that the two are married, he’s been bringing some major wife guy energy to this relationship. Honestly, we love to see it. Keep it up, Ben.

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