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Queen Camilla’s Son Defends His Mother Against Prince Harry’s ‘Dangerous’ Claims From 60 Minutes Interview

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Even though the press push for Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, was months ago, one member of Queen Camilla’s family is stepping up to support her: her son, Tom Parker Bowles. He’s decided to defend his mom against the Duke of Sussex’s claims to 60 Minutes that she was “dangerous” because of her connections to the British press.

The issue at heart is that Queen Camilla needed an image rehabilitation in wake of being the other woman in King Charles III’s marriage to Princess Diana. In order to gain favorable headlines in hopes of one day marrying Charles, Harry believes that she traded information about other royal family members to generate positive stories about herself and be “accepted as monarch by the British public.”

Parker Bowles feels a little late to the game in his defense of Queen Camilla, but he’s saying she’s done everything out of love — there is no malice here. “I think change happens but I don’t care what anyone says – this wasn’t any sort of endgame,” he told The News Agents podcast. “She married the person she loved and this is what happened.” He didn’t mention Harry by name, but anyone can read between the lines about what he was referring to.

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However, there are plenty of people who take issue with Camilla’s grandchildren participating in the coronation, so there is bound to be criticism and outcry. Parker-Bowles is excited his 13-year-old son Freddy will be one of Camilla’s four pages, but he is downplaying his family’s participation noting that they won’t appear on the balcony after the ceremony. “We’re just there to support our mother,” he summed up.

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