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Jennifer Coolidge Offered the Best Life Advice for Anyone Who Needs a Little Dating Encouragement

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Jennifer Coolidge is having a renaissance in her career at the age of 61, thanks to her Emmy-winning turn in HBO Max’s The White Lotus. Even though the world should have already loved her for the “Bend and Snap” in Legally Blonde, all eyes are on the talented star for her authentic humor and award show speeches.

Now that Coolidge is a bit of an influencer, there is some advice she would love to impart, especially for young women. She wants everyone to love themselves first before placing so much importance on finding a partner. “There was just like, a giant chunk of my life that was wasted on trying to get boyfriends who didn’t want me, instead of just, you know, taking care of business and, and working on my own thing,” she told Time. She wants fans to make themselves a top priority because self-love goes a long way.

“I think we have to really take care of ourselves and get our own thing going,” Coolidge added. “And then if a guy comes in, it’s all great. Or if a guy doesn’t come in, it’s all great.” She believes a lot of her wise advice came from her dad who used to say this particular quote to her” ‘Character is fate.’ Well, the TV star now understands how crucial his words were to fulfill her lifelong dreams in Hollywood. 

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“As an older person, I’ve realized that’s one of the most accurate things I’ve ever heard,” Coolidge explained. “Who you are in this lifetime decides your ending and how your life will go.” So, maybe we should all take a page from the American Pie scene-stealer, put yourself first and everything will fall into place.

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