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We Finally Know How One Royal Family Member Feels About Being Snubbed By King Charles’ Coronation

When the world got word that Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, was not invited to King Charles III‘s coronation, it was hard not to be a little surprised. Not only are her daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, 10th and 11th in the line to the throne, but Ferguson herself has been close and extremely supportive of the British royal family over the years.

Though the world was left wondering why the royal was not selected as a guest on the big day, the Duchess herself seems to be doing A-okay with the decision.

“It’s a state occasion and being divorced, I don’t think you can have it both ways,” the A Most Intriguing Lady author told ITV’s Good Morning Britain. “You mustn’t sit on the fence,” she explained. “You’re either one in or out, but don’t muck around.”

Therefore, for Ferguson, her split from ex-husband Prince Andrew back in 1996 is more than enough reason to not extend the invitation. Even so, Ferguson reiterated she doesn’t regret her decision. “I am really loving being divorced to my ex-husband, not from my ex-husband, there’s quite a difference,” she added.

Ferguson also added that she’ll celebrate with Charles and Queen Consort Camilla “in private.” “That’s a lovely feeling to be part of the family,” she said.

When the news of Ferguson’s lack of an invite broke, royal insiders gave their opinions on the surprising snub. “She has been hugely supportive of Charles and Camilla and does not want this to become about her,” a source told the Independent. “The whole day is about the new King and the success of his reign, but she has always championed the royal family and the Queen undoubtedly would have wanted her to be there.”

Talking to SheKnows earlier this month, the novelist called the long-awaited coronation “a time of unity and a time of unification of Great Britain.” “I think he’s going to be an amazing King,” she added of Charles, someone she’s “known” all her life. “And, of course, to have Camilla by his side is a wonderful unity and they so deserve it.” Looks like Ferguson will continue to be a huge cheerleader for the royals, invite or not!

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