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King Charles III Is Being Told to Expect ‘the Largest Protest Action’ From Anti-Monarchists at His Coronation

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King Charles III’s coronation is shaping up to be a global event, but not everyone is excited about the upcoming festivities. Graham Smith, author of Abolish the Monarchy: Why We Should and How We Will, and his anti-monarchy group, Republic, are gearing up to disrupt the procession and let their opinions be heard.

He is organizing people for “the largest protest action” against the palace on May 6. The group will be sporting yellow t-shirts and carry yellow signs that share exactly how they feel, “Not My King,” as Charles passes by on the parade route. Smith told The Times that the group of 1,350 protestors is aiming to make “a very bold statement that there is a Republican movement and we’re not a nation of royalists.”

He believes it’s a “matter of standing out” and using megaphones and an amplifier with a microphone” to make their message “unmissable.” Republic will be placing disruptors at Trafalgar Square as well as other areas along the procession route. Smith noted that they’ve seen a surge of support after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, which means many U.K. citizens believe the end of her reign should have also marked the end of the monarchy.

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The group is looking to keep the event “lighthearted,” avoid any arrests, and perhaps recruit new members in the crowd. “A lot of the people aren’t really staunch monarchists, they’re just there to see something that’s big or historic or whatever,” Smith added. “We see them as potential Republicans.” King Charles better get used to it because the organizers are not looking at this as a one-time event, they hope to protest “wherever Charles is” and cause disorder at as many of “his engagements as much as possible.”

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