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Melania Trump Appears To Be Trying a New Strategy With Donald Trump in This Rare Outing Together

It’s no secret that Melania Trump prefers her private life over the political life she led when Donald Trump was in the White House. After he announced his 2024 presidential campaign last fall, the former first lady opted to stay away from her husband’s Oval Office ambitions, but it appears things have suddenly changed. 

In the wake of his indictment on 34 criminal counts in the hush-money case with adult star Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump reportedly asked Melania to stand by his side and she “agreed to be on board.” The first sign of support was over Easter weekend when they dined together at a Mar-a-Lago brunch. Now, a new photo indicates she’s taking her loving wife role very seriously. 

An Instagram snapshot shows Melania affectionately touching Donald Trump’s upper arm with a sweet smile on her face. The couple was engaged in conversation with a supporter at a Mar-a-Lago event on Friday — and the moment appeared to be warm and friendly. That’s a marked difference from the cooler appearances we have seen from the two, including those hand swats that became famous during the Trump administration. 

This might also note a turn in Donald Trump’s campaign, which has been floundering since he launched it. With expected opponent Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis struggling in the national spotlight, the former president has been capitalizing on the moment and trying to regain momentum. He’s now able to do it with Melania Trump by his side which might indicate that his new political strategy is working.

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