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Brooke Shields’ Refreshing Aging Perspective Has Her Looking to ‘This Next Beautiful Chapter’ of Her Life

Brooke Shields is an open book when it comes to her life, especially now that she’s shared her experience as a child star and the sexualization she faced at a far-too-young age in her new documentary, Pretty Baby. Now, she’s sitting down on iHeartPodcasts’ Onward With Rosie O’Donnell to explain her philosophy on aging as a 57-year-old woman.

She’s looking at “this next beautiful chapter” of her life as something she gets “to write.” Shields shared, “My podcast is called Now What? And it’s that same thing – it’s onward – it’s no stagnation. It’s not laboring the past. What do I want now? What doesn’t work for me? What doesn’t fit?” She revealed that she’s letting go of one particular trait that just doesn’t serve her any longer: using “self-deprecation as a tool humor-wise.”

“It kind of gave me a career, but it helped me be disarming and then be seen for whatever I needed to be seen – or just be seen by people like my husband or my kids or anybody,” she said. However, the humor almost became a crutch and it brought forward some negative thoughts in her head. “You can believe it a little too much after so much time if you’re putting out these messages about yourself,” Shields added. “They start to stick, and you start thinking you’re less than. And making yourself smaller.”

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So in this season of life, she’s having “a reemergence” where Shields has finally realized her own inner strength. “I can still be funny, but I don’t always need to be the butt of the joke,” she summed up. Now, that’s what we call true growth!

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